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Smart Nano Film


Smart Nano Film offer durable privacy on demand, extreme clarity and maximum performance when 

powered ON and OFF and both are dimmable! Smart Nano Film is 100% compatible with smart home automation systems and can be control from anywhere in the world through wifi switch .

This amazing technology blocks UV rays and solar heat as it provide you full privacy.




-The highest clarity in the industry

-The most transparent switchable privacy film

-Unprecedented UV protection of 98% +/

-Savings on heating and cooling costs through   

  solar reduction

Operating Options 35-75v (Low Voltage) or 120 VAC (standard USA line voltage) 

-Energy use of 0.3-0.39 Watts/Square Foot


Increase Control and Privacy

 Smart Nano Film pays for itself in energy savings. By maximizing natural light, reducing heat transfer switchable film help healthcare provider, offices and service facilities cut costs and obtain tomorrow's technology. 

Smart Nano Film Video

Total privacy when is needed


NANO Specification - Ultra Transparency Adhesive Smart Nano Film super Ultra (pdf)


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